Business update

Hi friends,

Hope your summer is going well!  As for me, I’m just about back to normal with my business, and I’m so grateful to all of you for supporting my business during the pandemic.  It wasn’t a great year, but it certainly could have been a lot worse – I stayed healthy and was able to work at least part time from last July onward.  I was able to get vaccinated early on, too – thanks, Vermont!  

At Open Door we have updated our COVID-19 policies, please review them here.  We now welcome clients to wait in our waiting area, so please come in when you arrive rather than waiting for me to text you.
Even though I am fully vaccinated I am continuing to wear a mask at work because my daughter is too young to be vaccinated yet.  As long as you are vaccinated I am comfortable with you going mask-less if you prefer.  

During the pandemic I suspended my cancellation/no show policy but am ready to re-institute it.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, or don’t show up, you will be invoiced for the full cost, and I will donate half to WISE of the Upper Valley.  Thanks for your understanding! 

I changed my online scheduling service around a year ago, from FullSlate to Massagebook, but some people have reported that Google still sends them to the old site.  If you’re reading this on my website, just go up to the top and click on “Schedule an Appointment,” and it will take you to the right place.  You’re always welcome to call or text, too – 603-304-5227.  

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of the summer, and I hope to see you soon! 

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