What to Expect/FAQ

Never had a massage before?  Let me walk you through it.

  1. At some point on the day of your appointment, bathe.  General cleanliness is always appreciated but there is no need to autoclave yourself.  I also don’t care what you shave or don’t shave.
  2. Try your best to arrive ten minutes before your appointment time.  We will spend a few minutes talking, making sure there are no health reasons you should not have a massage, and discussing your goals for the session.  We decide together if you will start face-up on the massage table, or face-down.
  3. I will leave the room while you undress as much as you are comfortable with.  I would say it’s probably 50/50 people who leave skivvies on vs. those who take them off.  It’s entirely up to you.  You lay down on the table either face up or face down, under the top sheet.  I’ll knock and ask if you are ready before I open the door.  You will be covered by a sheet for the entire massage.   I uncover the part of you I am massaging and cover it back up when I’m done.  Your private areas are *never* exposed.  (Draping that protects your modesty is both ethically and legally required.  Sexual or erotic contact is both ethically and legally prohibited.)
  4. I usually play music during a massage.  I use Google Play, so we can listen to pretty much anything you find relaxing.  Some people like to chat during their massage and some don’t, so I follow your lead on that.
  5. Massage usually begins with broad, moderate pressure strokes and progresses to firmer pressure and more detailed attention to problem areas.  I’ll check in with you now and then about whether the pressure, speed, etc. feels useful to you, but I encourage you to speak up anytime to ask for what you need.  My massage table is a safe space and nothing will happen to you there without your say-so.  You can change your mind at any time.  At some point I’ll ask you to turn over, and/or we might do some side-lying work depending on what your problem areas are.
  6. I often use a small amount of oil or lotion to make strokes more comfortable and to nourish your skin.  I use Pure Pro Ultra massage oil, you can check the ingredient list here.  You will not feel greasy when we’re done.  If you are concerned about oil on your hair or makeup, just let me know to avoid those areas.  I can also work without oil, or with oil you provide if you are concerned about allergies or sensitivities.
  7. Depending on how much tissue change/release we are going for, therapeutic massage can involve a fair amount of pressure and some discomfort.  Many of my clients say “Oh that hurts but it feels good!”  But, let me know if it just HURTS, because that’s no good.  I don’t want to hurt or bruise you or make you feel unsafe.  Even deep tissue massage shouldn’t hurt so much that you are distressed or unable to relax.
  8. Eventually I’ll let you know that our session is winding up.  I will leave the room to give you privacy.  Take a little time to breathe, stretch, relax and feel the new length and mobility in your body.  Get up slowly, dress, and don’t forget your phone, jewelry, glasses, etc.
  9. Meet me outside the treatment room and we can settle up if we need to and book your next appointment!  (You don’t have to book another appointment.  But I hope you’ll want to!) Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are all fine forms of payment.  (Tips are lovely, but by no means expected!  I appreciate you recommending me to your friends just as much!)
  10. You may feel tired and you may sleep exceptionally well that night!  If we did deep work, you may be somewhat sore the next day but should feel the positive effects of the work the day after that.  If soreness persists, please let me know so I can approach your tissues differently at your next appointment!  I’m a big fan of drinking water, but there is no scientific evidence for the idea that “massage flushes toxins and you should drink water to get rid of them.”  Drink water if you like, though!   cropped-jcmt.png
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