COVID-19 shutdown

Dear friends and massage enthusiasts –

I had originally closed my operation March 15 and hoped to open up again April 1, which seemed reasonable at the time and wildly optimistic now.

As of today I am planning to stay closed until May 1.  I miss you all and I miss working, more than I can say.   I am quite sure you have all received more than enough information on staying safe, staying home, and helping to flatten the curve.

Although massage does not translate well to the tiny screen, I will be working on periodic blog and Facebook posts for you, to brighten your day and maybe give a few tips on self-massage and stretching.  I’ve developed a sudden, deep love for the New York Times crossword and, I tell you what, staring at a laptop for an hour and a half is teaching me SO MUCH about neck, shoulder and back pain!  Silver linings, right?  I’ll be writing about crossword-related self care in the upcoming days.

I’m working on my online personal trainer course, and helping my daughter, a Vermont public schooler, who is now learning online for the rest of the school year.  Shoutout to public school educators everywhere who are building the boat while they’re sailing in it!

I’ll be using the time that I’m closed to transition from FullSlate online scheduling software to another platform, so when you are able to make appointments again it will look a bit different.  I will transition all already-made appointments for May 1 and beyond into the new software, so you won’t have to rebook.  I’ll contact you about rescheduling April appointments.

Many of my colleagues at Open Door are offering classes and workshops through Zoom.  I took Tai Chi with Kevin Comeau this morning and it worked beautifully.  Please check it out!

Stay safe, everyone!

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